Sacred Valley Project

The Sacred Valley Project was set up in 2009 with the aim of providing access to education for indigenous girls from the highlands of Peru.
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Convinced that education is the most successful route to empowerment, the project does everything it can to offer these girls a safe learning environment, accommodation and nutritious meals. Currently, the project has two dormitories located in Calca & Ollantaytambo and supports 47 young girls. LAFF’s role within the Sacred Valley Project is to support the tuition and transport costs of the two dormitories. LAFF also assists the houses in Calca & Ollantaytambo to be able to fundraise for more sustainable energy sources, such as the solar water heater.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges these girls face is low self-esteem, which usually manifests itself in excessive shyness. Part of the Sacred Valley Project’s work is to boost the confidence of each of these young women, so they can begin to enjoy and take a more interactive role in their own education. It provides a space that nurtures and supports indigenous girls in their endeavour to adapt to the culture of an urban area, and implements a long term academic and personal development curriculum that is relevant to their culture, communities and personal goals.

How LAFF Helps

Quality Education

Formal Education:

LAFF financially supports SVP to ensure that all girls have access to formal education, with all the materials and resources they need to attend school, so that 100% of beneficiaries have passing school grades at the end of the school year. Furthermore, LAFF also finances 8 after school tutors to SVP to improve the girls’ quality of education and attend at least 4 professional development workshops, to prepare them for adult life. 

Personal Development:

LAFF supports the financial education of the girls at SVP by providing a series of group workshops by an expert volunteer on savings, taxes, health insurance, and independent life, to increase their autonomy and independence going into adult life. Furthermore, LAFF ensures that  100% of girls have been assessed for cognitive learning disabilities and correctly diagnosed, thus being able to tailor education based on their individual needs. This means the girls are able to  reach their full potential in their academic goals without any setbacks. Finally, LAFF provides 2 general visits to the dentist for every girl living at SVP, including transportation.

Capacity Building

Organisational Capacity Building: 

LAFF is helping SVP to develop an Annual Work Plan and associated calendar with set evaluation tools (eg. surveys, interviews, tutor monthly reports) to be scheduled for each project in the annual calendar. This means SVP will be able to use the Annual Plan to seamlessly see through programs and plan out activities for the following year, as well as being able to monitor the progress of all activities with an up to date calendar. Furthermore, LAFF is helping to compile a record of all beneficiaries documents, including medical records and school reports, so thay have quick and easy access to vital information when needed.

Financial Sustainability:

LAFF assists SVP by increasing revenue sources annually and expanding on their sources of donations. LAFF does this by completing financial audits as well as creating a financial plan for the year. This means SVP will have an increased revenue and therefore greater long term financial sustainability. 

*These programmes are ongoing and subject to change depending on the needs of our partner organisations. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 crisis, many of these projects have had to be put on hold. We endeavour to implement these projects as soon as possible. 

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