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Philanthropic Giving

At LAFF, we cannot implement our vital work and achieve the change we want to see for vulnerable children and young people without our most significant partners. They provide the backbone of funding for our programmes and our lean support costs for our small team on the ground in Cusco, Peru. We are continually seeking further support from trusts and foundations, corporate giving and major donors in order to implement our mission.

Partnering with LAFF is a very personal experience. Our dedicated Programme Manager in Cusco will be your main point of contact and can provide you with all the updates from the field, as that is where we are, day in, day out. We are UK-registered and a number of our trustees live in the UK, so we can also arrange to meet UK based organisations and individuals in person. If you happen to be in the Cusco area, we’d be delighted to take you to visit our partner organisations.

As a highly valued partner, we will:

  • Link your support to a specific project, or keep you in touch with our work as a whole if you’d like to give a general contribution (and we hope you do; this helps us work most effectively)
  • Send you reports on the work we’ve been doing with your support
  • Take the time to understand what you’re looking to achieve and what you’d like out of the relationship. We can tailor to your needs and you can be as involved or hands-off as you wish

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If you’ve connected with what you’ve heard about LAFF, please get in touch with Alma, our Programme Manager. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Our Current Partners:

Trusts, Foundations and Corporations

  • The Allan Charitable Trust
  • Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust
  • The Calpe Trust
  • Carmela and Ronnie Pignatelli Foundation
  • Coles-Medlock Foundation
  • CRH Trust
  • The De La Rue Charitable Trust
  • Dorfred Charitable Trust
  • Edith Maud Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust
  • G & H Roberts Community Trust
  • The HDH Wills 1965 Charitable Trust
  • John and Susan Bowers Fund
  • Kirsten Scott Memorial Trust
  • Manos del Sur
  • One Percent Foundation
  • Open Gate Trust
  • Raymond Kenneth Thomas Harris Trust
  • RKT Harris Charitable Trust
  • St Andrews Church
  • The St Mary’s Charity
  • St Peter’s Aid for the Needy
  • The SMB Charitable Trust
  • The Souter Charitable Trust
  • Triple T Charitable Trust
  • Reddendi
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