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LAFF is a volunteer-led organisation

We rely on volunteer support in Peru, the UK, and online to help us deliver our Quality Education and Capacity Building programmes in Cusco.

Find out more about our volunteer positions below

What do volunteers do?

LAFF recognises volunteers as key human resources who donate their time and skills for the achievement of its strategic goals.

Volunteers work under the guidance and supervision of the Programme Manager in specific roles to directly support LAFF’s external and internal programmes.

Coordinator positions are meant for skilled and autonomous individuals willing to take full responsibility for one of LAFF’s main areas: Communications, Fundraising, Monitoring & Evaluation or Programmes. Other remote volunteer options are available for those who would like to provide more specific support to our work.

This is the perfect opportunity for people wanting to gain work experience in the international development sector and those who are looking for a meaningful experience changing lives in Peru. Being part of our team is also a great way to improve your language skills, meet people from around the world, and learn more about life in Cusco!

Visit our blog post section “Life at LAFF” to learn more about volunteer life and follow us on Linkedin for more job opportunities. 


Coordinator Positions

Please explore the roles below and download the full job description for an idea of what each role entails. 

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator will be in charge of managing LAFF’s communications strategy, which is guided by three main objectives: fundraising, recruitment and raising awareness. This consists of producing and disseminating information through our website blog, newsletters and social media accounts.

Communications Coordinator Role Description

Programme Coordinator

Given that LAFF is a small volunteer-led charity, the Programme Coordinator provides support to the Programme Manager on all aspects of LAFF’s internal operations, programme planning, reporting, budgeting and delivery. This is a diverse role that encompasses all facets of NGO management.

Programme Coordinator Role Description

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

LAFF’s M&E strategy aims to monitor and evaluate the progress, effectiveness and impact of our programmes and interventions through a participatory and culturally sensitive approach. The Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator will lead all M&E activities for LAFF, measure indicators, work closely with our partners and beneficiaries in Peru, and produce internal and external reports.

M&E Coordinator Role Description

Fundraising Coordinator

The fundraising component of LAFF’s work aims to increase funds from trusts and foundations, companies, schools and universities in order to support LAFF’s programmes. Working with LAFF’s Communications Officer, this fundraising focused role maintains and improves LAFF’s international and local visibility through innovative strategies and raises awareness about various socioeconomic problems, in particular those affecting children and young people in Peru, in order to increase local and international fundraising support. The fundraising strategy consists of identifying fundraising possibilities; writing proposals to trusts, foundations and businesses; and engaging with schools and universities.  Focus is also placed on ensuring that all funders receive updated information and appropriate gratitude/recognition for their support.

Fundraising Coordinator Role Description

Events and Campaigns Coordinator

Events and Campaigns at LAFF are seen as a way of engaging and increasing our supporter network. This is a dynamic role which will see you work with the Fundraising and Communications teams to recognise that support is far greater than just financial donations: we put a great value on our community’s time, communication with their personal networks, skills and ideas. You will take on the responsibility of being a central point of contact for LAFF’s supporters when organizing their own fundraising events, as well as developing and delivering innovative events and campaigns for LAFF.

Events and Campaigns Role Description

Personal Development Coordinator

LAFF’s personal development strategy aims to work with our partners to identify and meet the basic physical, emotional and social needs of their beneficiaries, equipping them with essential tools for life. The Personal Development Coordinator will ensure the implementation and facilitation of personal development workshops with both the partner organisations and young people on different aspects of personal development including, but not limited to: self-esteem and empowerment, leadership skills, communication skills and emotional intelligence.

Personal Development Coordinator Role Description


Volunteer remotely

We rely on the support of remote volunteers from all over the world!

The LAFF team works remotely to keep our overheads to a minimum – we have no UK office base.  We are always looking for people who can help us with anything from translation to research tasks, as well as community and event fundraising and liaising with schools.

Click here for a full list of our current UK and online volunteering needs and how you might be able to help us.

If you have skills we need and time to share them, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form

Volunteering FAQs

What does the work entail?

Working under the guidance and supervision of LAFF’s Programme Manager, our volunteer team work in specific roles to directly support our partner organisations and beneficiaries and further our programme work in Education and Sustainability. LAFF responds to needs on the ground so your work is likely to be varied, interesting and have a real impact.

What would I get out of it?

In today’s economic climate work experience and valuable volunteering experience is very important. This is the perfect opportunity for people wanting to improve their Spanish language skills and get into the charity or international development sector, but also for those wanting a meaningful experience, which will show future employers dedication, independence, flexibility and leadership skills.

What sort of people is LAFF looking for?

LAFF is looking for self-starters who take the initiative and have a desire to help alleviate poverty in the world. As LAFF is a small team and we only have one member of paid staff based in Latin America, candidates need to be motivated, independent, dedicated and already speak a good level of Spanish. LAFF expects volunteers to take their work as seriously as they would a paid job, working 5 days a week and requesting any holidays in advance.

How long can I volunteer for?

LAFF accepts volunteers for a minimum period of 3 months – there is no maximum! – but ideally we are looking for volunteers to stay for 6 – 12 months.

Where in Peru will I be based?

Volunteers are based in the city of Cusco.  It’s a beautiful, historic and vibrant city, surrounded by mountains, and within easy reach of the Sacred Valley, the Inca trail, and Machu Picchu.

What would it cost?

Volunteers are expected to cover all their own costs – including flights, visas and insurance. Living costs vary depending on where you are based and will roughly total between £135 – £250 a month (for a room in an apartment), and £210 – £340 a month (for a one/two bed private apartment), plus around £44 a week for food. Return flights from UK/Europe to Peru usually cost around £650 – £1000, depending on time of year and length of stay. LAFF will cover all of your costs related to work, including transport to the projects. Cusco is surrounded by some incredible places to visit – please remember to budget for the travelling and excursions you would want to do!

Are you looking for special skills?

In addition to the skills described above and in the vacancy announcements, we also always welcome volunteers who have any of the following skills:

  • Film makers
  • Photographers
  • Journalists
  • Researchers (for conducting research into street children issues)
  • Vocational skill specialists

If you are coming to Peru and would like to share your skills with LAFF, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.

LAFF, 22 Highfield Lane, Dewsbury, UK, WF13 4BQ +51 942761264 [email protected]