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Wondering what other volunteers are doing to help organizations and make a difference for the causes they are most passionate about? LAFF wanted to recall some of the experiences of our past volunteers as a way to share with everyone what you can get out of it. Carla Paschal and Christopher Harris offered right away to narrate how it was for them to travel to Peru and to help those in need. You’ll find volunteer testimonials from individuals who made an impact through their volunteer efforts and loving what they do. We were inspired by each one and we think you’ll be as well!

These activities quickly cemented the team as more than just co-workers. I am from the US and living in Cusco was a very eye-opening experience. My very favorite activity was walking along the streets and observing the exciting and colorful people of Cusco. The streets were always full of families, parades were frequent events and there was always something going on in Plaza de Armas or Plaza Tupac Amaru. I will always consider Cusco a second home!

Carla Paschal

I loved my time with LAFF and found it extremely rewarding. I was by far the oldest person on the staff but quickly made friends with the other volunteers and the director. We worked hard, but did things like work remotely together at a coffee shop one day a week, had pot luck lunch once a week, and visited local markets and restaurants at lunchtime. We were able to visit one of our partners usually a couple of times a month and it was great to observe their work first hand and meet the Peruvians who were running these local non-profits. Nearly every weekend someone was ready to plan a hiking trip or tour somewhere in   the area.

If you like hiking Peru is the perfect place for you – 5000m peaks, a short taxi ride away from town, find glaciers and valleys and the most incredible views I’ve ever seen on the planet. I could go on for days about all of this….

Have fun but do remember that you are there to do what you can to support the partner organisations and the young people they serve.

Christopher Harris

I had just left uni (development economics & then impact evaluation) and was looking for entry level internships abroad. I knew that I wanted to work for an NGO to do something worthwhile and I wanted to use the skills I had learnt at uni directly however I could be most useful. I loved LAFF’s model of working through partners who are the experts and know the context intimately. Peru is just the most incredible country to explore: You can take weekend trips to the Pacific, a desert oasis, the Amazon, Bolivian salt flats, of course machu picchu (no matter how hyped up you think it is, it is still more impressive than that)

We strongly believe everybody can contribute to social development through volunteering if they really want to bring a positive change to the society, because there is a very human aspect to the conflicts we are faced, and this human aspect has to be properly understood and appreciated.

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