How to Donate Online

You can donate online through LAFF’s Givey page.


Thank you so much for your support!



How your donations are used:

Donations to LAFF primarily go towards the education of the young people we support, covering the costs of uniforms, school fees, books and other school materials. We also help with out-of-school support for children who are struggling to catch up after years outside the formal education system or for those who have Spanish as their second language (after Quechua), paying for on-site tutors to provide group and one-on-one support.

Donations also help cover the cost of vocational training courses such as tourism and accountancy for those children who have progressed to post-secondary education. This programme involves CV building and career guidance workshops to help the young people we support identify and achieve their future plans once they finish school.

Donations support LAFF’s work with our partner organisations to make them more sustainable in the future. This can involve running workshops and training sessions for their staff, helping them meet one-off costs for their social enterprises such as start-up costs or reducing overheads for the organisations. For instance, we paid for solar showers for three of our partners to reduce their electricity costs and ensure young people have a reliable supply of hot water.

Given that a core aspect of our organisation is that we are volunteer-led, all funds raised have a great impact; for example, £179 covers educational costs and materials for one student at a partner organisation for a whole year. So for just £15 per month, your donations could fund a child’s education.

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