December 1st – 8th 2020

Thank you!

LAFF Familia, thank you so much! Together we raised a total of £6,060, 50% more of our original target of £4000. This achievement is testament to the support of every member of our community: Big Givers organised fundraising events, individual donors were extremely generous, individuals online who liked, commented and shared helped us to get the word out about the challenges we are working to overcome. Special thanks must also go to Solihull School and the Coles-Medlock Foundation who committed £1000 each to match individual donations.

What does this mean for LAFF?

LAFF is aiming to raise £2,000 in donations during the Christmas Challenge week – that means that we’ll get a total of £4,000!
That could mean:

  1. Enabling psychologist, Eliana, to visit Azul Wasi every week (£1,656 – 1 year)
  2. Ensure the 11 young mothers at Casa Mantay get their education, suppling uniforms, school materials, school fees and transportation (£2,900 – year)
  3. Supporting the 50 girls at Sacred Valley Project to continue their education, covering expenses such as uniforms, materials, transportation and paying 7 after-school tutors. (£3,808 – 1 year)


LAFF, 22 Highfield Lane, Dewsbury, UK, WF13 4BQ +51 942761264 [email protected]