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Meet our Ride London 2022 Supporters

On Sunday May 29, 2022, Andrew, Richard and Johnny will be riding a brand new 100 miles long route through central London and neighbouring Essex, all the while raising funds for LAFF.

RideLondon is the largest cycling festival in the world. After a 2 year hiatus, RideLondon is back and is launching a new 100-mile route of traffic-free roads.

The RideLondon-Essex 100 is a brand new route spanning 100 miles in central London and neighbouring Essex.

Richard Lewis

Where are you from?

I’m a farmers boy from Staffordshire in the UK originally. I relocated to Cayman with my wife 11 years ago – we quit London thinking we’d go skiing for a bit and ended up kitesurfing in Cayman instead – that was a long time ago.

Is this your first cycling event?

This is not my first cycling event though I only picked up cycling about 6 years ago after finishing playing rugby as a way to keep fit. There is a great cycling community in Cayman and the local association runs regular events which I couldn’t resist in the end – the best races are out in the Eastern districts with very little traffic and unbelievable sea views.

Why did you choose to participate in Ride London 2022?

Ride London is a great challenge with a fantastic course and amazing history raising money for great causes so its hard to turn down an opportunity to be part of it. The chance to ride on empty roads is London is also unmissable and given we grew up in the UK its great to visit for something like this.

Why did you choose to support LAFF?

Our team at FFP (our company) is fantastic with lots of the team helping out charities that are close to their heart. Carole Stewart is one of our team and also a LAFF Trustee so when she asked if we would be interested in supporting LAFF (and that we could do some cycling whilst doing it!!!) we wanted to hear more about LAFF and the programmes that needed support. I have visited Cusco and the surrounding areas and loved the people, the culture and the country generally which helped me understand the work LAFF does and what their vision is which meant it was very easy to say “yes”.

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Johnny Bray

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Herefordshire and South Devon (UK), but have now lived in London for 16 years. I’m not sure I’m allowed to say I come from London though, real Londoners get upset about that.

Is this your first cycling event?

It’s not my first, I’ve done various events in the past from charity sportives across the UK, to cycling tours to the Dolomites, Mallorca, Girona and the Costa Blanca. Most of my riding is done around Kent & Surrey, plenty of hills there, unlike Cayman. I also compete in half-iron distance triathlons, but am hoping this ride will be rather more relaxed.  Ride London will however, be the first time that Rich, Andy an I have cycled together, which might be amusing.

Why did you choose to participate in Ride London 2022?

Pretty much echoing what Rich and Andy have said. The opportunity to be able to raise money for, and awareness of charities, whilst doing something I enjoy doing is fantastic and the chance to ride a route through London and the South East on closed roads it too good to miss.

Why did you choose to support LAFF?

LAFF was brought to my attention my Rich.  I’m passionate about ensuring young people are afforded as many opportunities as possible, regardless of their background. In my previous role I worked with an organisation providing opportunities for underprivileged children within the property industry. The work that LAFF is doing, ties in  with this both on an international basis and at an earlier life stage. Having read about their programmes and vision, it’s something I completely support and think is deserving of support and increased awareness.

We’re so grateful to have them on our team go cheer them on Instagram and follow them to stay up date on the race!

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Andrew Childe*

Where are you from?

I’m from Yorkshire originally, but I left 13 years ago because it’s cold and miserable. 

Is this your first cycling event?

This is not my first cycling event, I have done LEJOG and a few charity rides in the past, but I don’t cycle to compete I just love been out on the bike – its my happy place (until there is a hill).

Why did you choose to participate in Ride London 2022?

Difficult to argue with Richard’s response here!

Why did you choose to support LAFF?

Again, Richard said it all. 

Update (17.05.2022): *Jan will be replacing Andrew at RideLondon2022. We’re so grateful for Andy, Richard, Jan and Johnny’s support!

Meet Jan

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