582 students unable to return to school in Cusco

Cusco students facing the consequences of a lack of educational infrastructure

On March 28, children in Peru were finally able to return to schools after 2 years of remote education. However, in early April, the Cusco Local Education Management Unit (UGEL Cusco) reported 582 students found themselves unable to enroll in public school due to a lack of available spots and have yet to return to school.

As UGEL Cusco reports, over recent years, lack of public school vacancies has become an increasing issue in Cusco. The largest city in the region, Cusco concentrates 65% of students in the region. As the number of students continues to increase, Cusco is facing a lack of educational infrastructure. It is estimated that to satisfy the educational demand, at least six schools should be built in Cusco. However, only one school has been built (in the district of San Sebastián). 

In response to the current crisis, UGEL Cusco has asked over 300 schools in the Cusco area to admit at least two students. These students will be assigned to these schools according to their place of residence. As schools accept these unenrolled students, the number has progressively decreased from 582, though 50% of them were still not enrolled by April 10.

A map of the provinces of the department of Cusco. Source.

Nevertheless, as UGEL Cusco insists, this is only a solution to an emergency situation; a more long-term solution needs to be drawn up to ensure no students are left out of school in the future.

Source: La Republica, 500 escolares se quedaron sin matricularse, 10 April 2022

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