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The SVP Girls

Pictured above: Elim

Meet the three, very talented girls from LAFF’s partner, Sacred Valley Project, who were awarded a grant from Mosqoy, to continue their studies at university in Cusco.

Every year, local Peruvian/Canadian organisation Mosqoy offers an academic grant to promising students from rural communities in the Peruvian Andes to continue their studies at university level. Mosqoy’s research shows that less than 5% of youth from rural Quechua communities continue their studies at a university or technical level.

The program aims to provide educational opportunities for promising students who cannot otherwise afford to continue their studies, and to equip these future Indigenous leaders with the skills to forge a future for their communities.

In 2019, three girls from Sacred Valley Project were awarded the Mosqoy grant to continue their studies. All three girls showed a brilliant school record, great promise and the desire to continue their education. Mosqoy’s program has allowed these talented young girls to pursue their dreams of furthering their education while strengthening ties with their communities and their cultural heritage.

Let’s meet Elim, Nohemi and Ana Lisbeth:


“My name is Elim Lima Conza. My mum is called Rosa and she works in my community. My dad is called Segundino and he works in the mines.

My community is called Llanchu. It’s called this because in the Incan times, everybody said hello to each other often and everyone was happy. After time it was called Llanchu. What I like about my town is the landscape and the people. In my free time, I like to play and sing.

I like to study a lot; I want to be a professional in the future. This year, I finished my studies at secondary school. I took an exam offered by the organisation Mosqoy and won a grant to study for the next years. I am going to study tourism. I feel really happy to know that I can count on Mosqoy’s support.”


Pictured: Nohemi

“My name is Nohemí Tintaya Maza, I was born on 14th June 2003 in Mendosayoc. My dad is Lucio Tintaya Quispe and my mum is Zenovia Maza Huaisaya. They both work in agriculture. I have 7 siblings. The eldest is Cosme, then Haydee and then Elisabeth. Beltrán is next and he lives with my parents. The next is Epifanía, then me, and the youngest is Yulinio. He studies in my community of Mendosayoc.

I studied in the school in Calca. This year, I finished my secondary education. I worry about my studies. I’ve always dreamed of being a professional, and thanks to Mosqoy, I will be able to achieve my dream of continuing my studies in Cusco. I’ve decided to study Administration.”

Ana Lisbeth:

Pictured: Ana Lisbeth

“My name is Ana Lisbeth Huahuasoncco Quispe, and I am from the community called Parcco. In my community, maize, beans, green peas and potatoes are grown.

My birthday is the 24th of November. My mum is called Andrea Quispe Huaraya and my dad is called Cerilo Huahuasoncco Nieble. I have 3 siblings.

In my free time I help my mum and dad by cooking. My dad works on the ranch and my mum looks after the animals.

This year I completed my secondary education and applied for an academic grant through an exam. I received Mosqoy’s support and I feel very happy to know that next year, I will have the support to continue studying. In August, I will do an exam to get into university. I hope to study Administration.”

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