August 14th – 15th 2021

Make the most of newfound freedom, break out of lockdown, have fun and raise vital funds for disadvantaged young people in Peru to go to school!

This summer we’re challenging students from around the UK to travel around the country, with a catch: you have 36 hours, can’t spend any of your own money, and can’t take any motorised vehicles!

The challenge will be taking place on Saturday 14th August at 9am and will finish on Sunday 15th at 9pm.

Teams from universities all over the country will fundraise before the challenge weekend and however much they can raise will be split with 80% going to fund LAFF’s projects in Peru and 20% becoming the team’s travel budget.

How it works

  • Teams can be from 2-4 people
  • A small sign-up fee will cover a LAFF ‘The Great Lockdown Breakout’ T-shirt
  • Teams will have until Friday 13th August at 10pm to raise as much money as they can
  • There will be an 80/20 split between donations assigned to LAFF and for the team’s travel expenses
  • Cars, vans, buses and trains are not allowed! Teams can only travel under their own steam, so think creatively! Will you be walking, cycling, canoeing …?
LAFF, 22 Highfield Lane, Dewsbury, UK, WF13 4BQ +51 942761264 [email protected]