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Back to School 2021

We want to create a future that is inclusive and gives equal opportunities to all children, are you with us?

Celebrate the futures of LAFF beneficiaries with us and fight education inequality in Peru!

This unprecedented crisis is an opportunity to close the digital divide, use technology to make the relationship between teachers and students more effective and improve the home-learning conditions of the most vulnerable families- Jaime Saavedra (Peruvian Minister of Education 2013-16)

LAFF and it’s local partner organizations are working hard to ensure that all of our 101 beneficiaries, staff and volunteers can prepare for any challenges that emerge from this unprecedented period of disruption. This year, we are committed to ensuring that the children we support at every grade level have all the tools to succeed in this challenging educational environment.

This is Lorena*. Lorena lives at Casa Mantay with her baby. Casa Mantay provides a space where Lorena can continue her education without compromising her child’s welfare, as she knows that they will both be supported. 

This year Casa Mantay wants to have tutors that can cover all age ranges, we are supporting them to make this possible. 

This is Javi*, he is 8 and lives at Azul Wasi. Javi’s favourite game to play is marbles. When we asked him about what he misses about school, Javi told us that he misses seeing his friends.

Online learning is not going to be permanent, but it heightens the risk of vulnerable children dropping out of education because they feel that they have got too far behind. By giving the Azul Wasi boys the tools they need to keep on learning, they can enjoy being back when schools reopen.

This is Elar*. One of the older boys at Azul Wasi, Elar hopes to go on to study System Engineering at the Instituto Khipu! When asked ‘what’s the best advice to be happy?’ Elar replied that you should always look for the good in situations to find your happiness in life.

With this mindset, we are sure that Elar has an exciting journey ahead of him! By providing Azul Wasi with tutors we are making sure that remote learning doesn’t get in the way of his hard work.

*names changed to protect identity. Photo credit: Alonso Cotrina

Campaign Milestones

Laptops: Laptops cost an average of £345.00. We want to get 3 laptops for Azul Wasi and 3 for Mosqoy

Internet: Azul Wasi’s annual internet is £430.00. Sacred Valley Project’s annual internet is £740.00

Tutoring: Monthly cost of a tutor at Casa Mantay is £120 . Monthly cost of a tutor at SVP is £135.00. Monthly cost of a tutor at Azul Wasi is £240.00

Physical & Mental Health: The monthly cost of a psychologist for Azul Wasi is £110.00. The cost of a group visit to the Dentist is £155.00

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