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Social enterprises

Our social enterprise development programme has been designed to help our partner’s social enterprise projects achieve their full potential and maximise their revenue. The ultimate goal of this programme is for the projects to become sustainable by reinvesting the profits of their social enterprise. LAFF provides human resources, financial support and advice where necessary along with market research and analysis, and assistance with the creation and implementation of business strategies.

Taller Mantay

Taller Mantay is run by the young women (who once were beneficiaries) from Casa Mantay who work hard to produce beautiful, handmade leather products. Not only does this workshop raise valuable money for Casa Mantay and its beneficiaries but it also equips these young women with useful, vocational skills that will help them find employment when they graduate from the project.

Arte Floral

Arte Floral is one of Casa Mantay’s social enterprises that sells flower arrangements made by the young women from the project. The arrangements are used for weddings, parties and other events and are sold at trade fairs and markets. Whilst still in its fledgling phase, the business offers the young women from Casa Mantay the chance to gain valuable skills that will help them gain employment in the future.

Experiencia Mantay

Mantay’s  new offer is Experiencia Mantay. This is a touristic experience that consists of a visit to the leather workshop of Taller Mantay and the house of Casa Mantay. Clients have the opportunity to meet the workers of the shop (who once were beneficiaries of Casa Mantay), learn about this powerful project, and make their own leather keychain too.

Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles

Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles, as it is known in full, is one of Mosqoy’s social enterprises. The project works with over 200 weavers (mostly female) in the Sacred Valley region and sells their products in North America – predominantly at fairs in Canada. At the beginning of 2016, the project established a selling point in Cusco, creating a local presence. The aim of Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles iis to promote sustainability throughout the Sacred Valley region and to empower the women that live there.

Field School

Mosqoy’s other social enterprise is a sustainable tourism experience. They offer field schools and tours that empower travellers, mainly from North America, to become more conscious consumers and responsible travellers. Mosqoy aims to encourage tourists to understand their impact on the communities they visit while inspiring them to think compassionately and critically about international development issues through experiential learning.