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Azul Wasi

The Azul Wasi Association provides a home and family for young and adolescent boys who have been abandoned or have run away.

LAFF´s oldest partner, we have supported the running of Azul Wasi since opened in 2007. Azul Wasi was started because of the large rate of children living on the streets of Cusco. Some of the boys living at Azul Wasi are there due to extreme poverty, others have been abducted, abused or abandoned.

At Azul Wasi, the children and young people are provided with accommodation, food, education and healthcare in a loving, accepting and understanding environment. All the boys have different chores: they collectively care for parrots, dogs, geese, rabbits and guinea pigs and take care of the home.

Based in Oropesa, the organisation provides these children with a safe and caring environment, in which they can learn, develop and flourish. The goal of the association is to assist these boys in becoming independent, educated members of society, and in doing so break them out of the cycle of poverty.


How LAFF Helps

Quality Education:

Formal Education:

LAFF financially supports Azul Wasi to ensure that all children and young people have access to formal education, with all the materials and resources they need to attend school. LAFF also aims to improve their quality of education through access to after school tutoring. LAFF therefore ensures there are 2 full-time tutors at Azul Wasi, with the goal that all beneficiaries have grades greater than 11 on maths and communications by the end of the year. LAFF also aims to improve the quality of tutoring through professional development workshops for the tutors. 

Personal Development:

LAFF supports the financial education of the boys at Azul Wasi by providing a series of group workshops by an expert volunteer on savings, taxes, health insurance, independent life, to increase their autonomy and independence going into adult life. LAFF will also organise a series of workshops to enhance the boys’ self-esteem, leading them to be more confident in accessing future opportunities and allowing personal growth. Finally, LAFF funds two general visits to the dentist each year for every boy living at Azul Wasi, including transportation. 

Capacity Building:

Organisational Capacity Building:

LAFF provides funds for a second full-time tutor at Azul Wasi, who accompanies beneficiaries to hospital, attends school and community meetings, obtains documents from the council and elsewhere, gathers and compiles all the beneficiaries documents, follows up with police and courts, and gives tutoring to the children and young people at Azul Wasi. This means that Azul Wasi has a record of all the important documents of their beneficiaries, ensures all of them attend school, improves the capacity to grow and expand their organisation, run more efficiently, and improve tutoring quality. Furthermore, LAFF helps to create, implement and monitor the annual work plan for 2020 at Azul Wasi. This helps them to plan future activities and monitor their progress on projects effectively. This budget projection and monitoring will contribute towards healthier finances.   

Financial Sustainability:

LAFF has helped Azul Wasi by creating  a fundraising plan based on its budget projection for 2020. This means Azul Wasi will have increased annual revenue contributing to long term financial sustainability. LAFF has also helped create efficient systems to monitor the partners’ finances, such as the creation of budget spreadsheets, and records of account balance to ensure that it is financially secure and sustainable. 

*These programmes are ongoing and subject to change depending on the needs of our partner organisations. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 crisis, many of these projects have had to be put on hold. We endeavour to implement these projects as soon as possible.

Azul Wasi, Cusco, Peru, November 2018 © Andrew Dare Photography

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