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Azul Wasi

The Azul Wasi Association provides a home and family for young and adolescent boys who have been abandoned or have run away.

Based in Oropesa, the organisation provides these children with a safe and caring environment, in which they can learn, develop and flourish. The goal of the association is to assist these boys in becoming independent, educated members of society, and in doing so break them out of the cycle of poverty.

At Azul Wasi, all the boys have different chores. They collectively care for parrots, dogs, geese, rabbits and guinea pigs and take care of the home. LAFF has supported Azul Wasi since the very beginning, back in 2007. This makes Azul Wasi LAFF’s oldest partner. LAFF supports Azul Wasi by building organisational capacity that can lead to greater independence and sustainability for the home. LAFF also supports the boys through formal education, career guidance, and personal development workshops.