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Edison Flores, Renato Tapia and Miguel Araujo from the Peruvian select team are some of the few who have taken up the #asinojuegaperu. The new campaign is working towards ending violence towards women and girls in Peru.

The campaign, started by the Ministerio de la Mujer y Poblaciones Vulnerables (Ministry for Women and Vulnerable populations or MIMP) and la Defensoría del Pueblo y la Mesa de Género de la Cooperación Internacional (The Commisioner of the state and the gender Bureau for International Cooperation or MESAGEN ) aims to spread awareness of the situation women face in Peru.

“Paren las orejas, cada 20 minutos se denuncia un caso de violencia sexual”

‘Every 20 minutes an act of sexual violence takes place’ is a main slogan of the campaign and is one of the few issues, stating in the video that every day 4 girls under the age of 14 become mothers and every month there are 10 cases of femicide. 7 out of 10 women in Peru have suffered from physical violence from their partners which contributes towards rising mental health issues in women and children across the country and a normalisation of ‘Machismo’ culture.

These issues, more often affect women living in poverty or low income areas, usually non urban and of indigenous or Afro Peruvian decent and have less chance of being reported in this context due to linguistic, social and economic barriers.

Ranking 87th in the world for gender inequality and 3rd in the number of complaintsagainst gender violence, Peruvians are looking towards how the issue of inequality will be faced by the government, especially within the judicial system where many believe that lax punishments promote a culture of tolerance for violence against women.

Using the platform of the World Cup, Peruvian footballers, bloggers, writers, artists and politicians are trying to spread more awareness and are asking Peruvians to unite in the fight against gender violence.


To watch the video click here.