Latin American Foundation for the Future


LAFF believe in creating independence, not dependence. This is crucial in our approach to both children and young people, and the organisations which directly support them. We also believe in sustainability, and aim to achieve it for those we help through educating, empowering and enabling.


We believe that a child needs more than food, shelter and safety – they need knowledge and the space to grow. We believe that children provided with the opportunity to develop their minds, self-confidence and skill sets have the best possible chance to grow into well-rounded individuals who can get the most out of life and contribute the most to the world they live in.  We help street, working and vulnerable children to thrive, supporting them into adulthood with a good education, life skills, employable skills and a sense of self-worth.

We believe that issues facing street, working and vulnerable children, both on the streets or in care, are varied, complex, and best understood by those who are closest to them. This is why we work through partners who understand those needs and can provide the help required by them. Supporting those partner organisations so they can continue their vital work is also essential.


We believe that children’s organisations faced with a constant worry about financial support, or struggling to meet administrative demands, are unnecessarily distracted from more important concerns such as the welfare and future of the children in their care.

We help children’s organisations by ensuring their self-sustainability. Our aim is to enable projects to be independent of outside help, not dependent on it. This help takes the form of capacity-building, technical training as well as income-generation and cost reduction activity.