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LAFF Christmas Raffle 2017

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Christmas is a time for giving and this year we are offering you the opportunity to give to LAFF and be in with a chance of winning one of our fabulous raffle prizes.

Whilst many children and young people across the U K may wish for the latest phone or computer game, clothes from their favourite store or a new bicycle, the greatest gift the children and young people we support in Peru could receive this year is access to education and support in their efforts to build a bright future for themselves. So, whilst you’re thinking of the gifts you can get your loved ones to put a smile on their faces, why not put a smile on a child’s face by ensuring they can attend school next year?

And, by way of thanks for your support, your donation will also double as a ticket in our Christmas raffle, giving you the chance to win one of our amazing raffle prize bundles! After all, a donation to our Christmas campaign is not just a Christmas present for the young people we support but a gift towards their lives.

What we do.

LAFF gives children in Peru and the local organisations that support them, the tools and skills they need to be independent. We believe that through education, a child is able to build  a bright future for themselves. Because of this, we support marginalised and at-risk children and give young people access  to education.

Many of the young people we support here in Peru no longer live with their families for their own safety and thus are supported by homes that, without them, would mean them living in unhealthy home environments, continuing to live with their abusers, being shunned by society, or finding alternative lifestyles that could lead to dangerous circumstances. Other young Peruvians we support live in such rural and isolated communities that, without the support of LAFF and LAFF’s partner projects, they would grow up with little education, skills or prospects for their own futures. Ultimately, the care and support we ensure these young and at-risk individuals get, means they are empowered to take control over their lives, break the cycle of poverty and build a prosperous and sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Across the UK, many of us will have long lists and wishes for this Christmas, which Father Christmas will make his best effort to ensure  come true. However, most of us take our basic needs for granted. A safe environment to live in, a happy and carefree childhood, access to education, a successful career, and a stable environment in which to raise our children;  being in control of our life and our future. We at LAFF strive to ensure these basic wishes can become realities for young people in Peru, through our focus on education and personal development, and our close partnership with six local  organisations.

Here are some examples of  what your donation can really do for the young people we support in Peru – £10 can pay for one rural girl to attend school for a month; £10 could also pay for school materials and uniforms for a teenage mum and her child; £20 could pay for a month of after-school tutoring for rural girls, to help with homework and language learning – giving them a chance at education they wouldn’t otherwise have £50 can cover school fees for FOUR disadvantaged children or pay for a home’s internet access!

The Raffle!

We’ve created a cycle of giving this year, whereby those who donate to our Christmas campaign and support our efforts in Peru, automatically enter a raffle and have the chance to receive a Christmas gift in return!

Over the past few months, our LAFF Christmas elves have been  gathering gifts to award the lucky winners of our 2017 Christmas LAFFle. So far they have put together a number of fantastic prizes and are working hard to continue to gather more, so that even more winners can be drawn!

How does it work?

This year  donations to our Christmas campaign will count as  entries to our LAFFle! A donation of £15 will be awarded one raffle entry. A £40 donation  will be awarded three raffle entries and donations of £60 (remember this would pay for school fees for FOUR disadvantaged children) would receive six raffle entries. It’s simple, you donate to our page and we will enter you in our raffle and issue you with the corresponding  raffle entries based on your  donation ! You’ll also be glad to hear there is no limit to the amount of entries you can donate towards.

However, in order for us to enter you in the raffle and issue you your unique entry number you MUST leave your full name, address, email and telephone number when making the donation. This way our LAFF-elves will know exactly who has won and where to deliver the prizes! If you do not leave your contact details you will be put on Father Christmas’s naughty list…  so please do make sure you remember to leave your details!

You have until 10.00pm New Year’s day to make a donation and enter the raffle, after which we will live stream the draw from Peru through our Facebook page ‘LAFF Charity’. Check out our page frequently to find out the prizes as we confirm them


  • Two tickets to see Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall in London in January
  • One signed Casa Andina Peruvian cookbook, donated from popular restaurant Ceviche London in Soho
  • A tour of the Houses of Parliament, London
  • Two Silent Night tickets to the Dennis Severs House, London
  • A weekend stay in a holiday home in the seaside town of Aldeburgh
  • A selection of luxury handmade Caragh chocolates from the Island of Sark, Channel Islands
  • 5 tickets to the Modern Fables escape rooms, London
  • An hour’s free health and nutritional consultation from FastForLife
  • A handmade handbag all the way from Peru, donated by our partner organisation ‘Casa Mantay’ that supports adolescent mothers.
  • Five coated and framed, high quality photographs wrapped in a handmade textile all the way from Peru, donated by our partner project Mosqoy which gives scholarships to marginalised young people from the Andes.

And remember, there are many more prizes still to be confirmed! The prizes will be split into 5 bundles, therefore we will have 5 winners!

When will the winners be revealed?

Our 2017 Christmas LAFFle has now officially begun and will  end on Monday  1st of January, New Year’s day.  (any donations made past this point will not count towards the raffle but will of course be gratefully received  At 10pm GMT  we shall be picking the winners LIVE on our Facebook page.

Merry Christmas and Good Luck to you all!

Thank you!

We’d like to wish all our supporters and everyone taking part in our 2017 Christmas Raffle the best of luck and a huge thank you for your generous donations and support this year. We know Christmas is an expensive time of the year for many people and so we really  appreciate your kind gesture and wish to support children and young people in Peru.

We would also especially like to  thank the generous prizes donated by: Ceviche London, Mr Chritchley, Mr Hedin, Modern Fables escape room, Dennis Sever’s House, Caragh Chocolates, Daniel White, and send a huge thank you to our partner organisations Casa Mantay and Mosqoy, and to the LAFFelves who have helped organise this event and get our Peruvian Donations over to the U.K. ready for the winners (Anushka). Without your help and extremely generous donations, the raffle would not be possible so we extend our sincere gratitude!