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“Education is the most powerful weapon

 which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela


2015 appears to be an important year for education. 15 years ago, at the World Education Forum in Dakar, the “Education for all” movement set six ambitious goals to achieve by 2015. Have these objectives been met? We cannot tell yet (we look forward to the next World Education Forum in May to find out), but undoubtedly education has moved forward, embracing an increasingly holistic role that goes beyond teaching purely cognitive skills. It is now commonly acknowledged that education plays a pivotal role in forging more peaceful, tolerant and equal societies. In this framework, comprehensive educational curricula such as Global Citizenship Education are achieving greater importance.

On the 28 January, representatives of educational NGOs, universities and governments will meet in Paris for the 2nd Forum on Global Citizenship Education (GCE), organized by UNESCO, to discuss the role of GCE in the post-2015 agenda. What should education look like in the 21st century? How can education help new generations face global challenges such as inequalities, intolerance, climate change and war? GCE has an answer to these questions.

GCE promotes a pedagogic approach that seeks to build in learners an understanding of the world that goes beyond individualistic perspective and embraces differences (of religion, belief, culture, gender etc.). To do so, it emphasises the importance of soft skills such as “empathy and conflict resolution, communication skills and aptitudes for networking and interacting with people of different backgrounds, origins, cultures and perspectives”. These skills, supported by critical and creative thinking and a sound knowledge of global issues and values, will favour a collaborative and responsible approach, so that future societies can give global responses to global challenges.

What a great vision! And how can we contribute to this amazing global project? At LAFF we work to help our young people develop a strong set of soft skills. Along with our traditional workshop Skills for Life, we are currently designing a number of exciting, brand-new activities to address self- esteem, conflict resolution and communication skills with the help of our expert, Eliana (more information coming soon!). We believe empowerment not only resides in a person’s literacy and numeracy skills, but it involves confidence, identity, empathy and capacity to engage and interact with the “other”.  This is just a glimpse of the work we do to break the cycle of poverty and enable young people to take their future into their own hands! In accordance with the GCE agenda, we believe that empowered young people can change the world, starting from their community.

LAFF wants to hear your voice! Do you want to share a powerful story about young people changing their community? Would you like to propose another workshop to be included in our portfolio? Do not hesitate to contact us! Send an email to